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Manakeep 728x90
(Oct 01, 2019)
Signup forum for the Halloween festival is now up. Please post in the thread under it & be sure to subscribe to it.
(Aug 11, 2019)
bye everyone
(Aug 06, 2019)
Schedule posted for Brandywine Summer Music Festival III, check News or Forums
(May 08, 2019)
Signups are now open for the Brandywine Summer Music Festival III under the signups forum here:
(Mar 21, 2019)
The schedule of performances is here:
(Mar 21, 2019)
The Celtic Concert scheduled on March 17th has been moved to March 30th and renamed "The March Musicale", due to a scheduling concert with the Greenfields concert series on Landroval.
(Mar 02, 2019)
MGB members and interested band players please attend the next meeting on March 5th at 9pm server Bree park on Brandywine
(Feb 13, 2019)
Celtic Concert signups now open. Link to signup forums here:
(Nov 06, 2018)
Discussion forum for Champagne Bash 2018 just posted here:
(Aug 23, 2018)
Signups for the 2nd Annual Pumpkin Jamfest now open - click this link:
(Aug 07, 2018)
Plans for Pumpkin Jam have begun! Stay informed or give your input here.
(Mar 11, 2018)
Schedule up for the 2nd Annual Brandywine Summer Music Fest under signups section of the forums!
(Jan 14, 2018)
Schedule up for Hears A'Fyre2 under signups section of the forums!
(Nov 30, 2017)
Schedule up for Champagne Bash under signups section of the forums!
(Oct 03, 2017)
Schedule up for Pumpkin Jamfest under signups section of the forums!
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