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Band signups open for the 2nd Annual Brandywine Summer Music Fest under signups section of the forums!

Flamelin Firebeard / Mar 12, 2018
Time to grab your place at the 2nd Annual Brandywine Summer Music Fest coming up on Saturday, June 9th 2018!


GoblinFyre will be there, We would like 7:00 PM Server if possible
The country Blue Grass will do Some Pickin and Grinin for Y'all!!
The Shire Tramps will be there, we would like 3-5pm if possible
We are finally getting around to checking schedules, and we are proud to announce that we can be scheduled any time that Saturday. We are available any time, and are at your service. Hope that makes it a little easier when it comes time to schedule everyone's performance times. They've been keeping us busy with those new fiddles (wipes sweat).
Rock and a hard place will join and has asked for a time slot between 1 pm - 5pm
ARDA will gladly perform good rock and metal on this grand event for the second time! This time - with some summer and powerful folk-metal from Russia! \m/
If it possible, we would like to perform at 3pm servertime
Event time is (EST)June 9th 2018 For Second Annual Summer fest BrandyWine

2:00pm-2:55pm Shire Tramps

3:00pm -3-55pm Arda

4:00pm -4:55pm A Rock and a Hard Place

5:00pm-5:55pm The Country Bluegrass Band

6:00pm-6:55pm Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band

7:00pm-7:55pm Goblin Fyre

8:00-8:55pm Runic Knights Orchestra

This Event will Be a live Stream By

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