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Agago / Jul 02, 2018

Come join us for our special summer event!! Cool yourself in the refreshing Little Staddlemere Pond located outside the eastern gate of Bree in the midst of Staddle. Wear your finest swimming attire, fly a kite in the summer breeze, fish, lounge...

Flamelin Firebeard / Sep 09, 2017

The signup page for the Pumpkin Jamfest on October 7th is now up under the "Signups" section of the forums. Also, a note was added to the Signups header to let people know they must apply for membership to this website, and be accepted, before th...

Rosanina / Oct 10, 2016

Tuesday November 1, 2016, The Minstrel Guild of Bree Was officially Named and formed.Thanks-you to all who attended. May we go forward and prosper.