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Champagne Bash

Line up for Champagne Bash

Shire Tramps 3:00 pm-3:55Pm The Country Bluegrass band 4:00 Pm-4:55 Pm ...
Small Kezilan Silverflame 122d
Kezilan Silverflame1221Small Kezilan Silverflame 122d
Champagne Bash

Harlequins will be attending

Blame it on the holidays. Just finished rehearsals for the concert. extras avail. It's gonna be great!
Member avatar small Irmona 125d
Irmona1101Member avatar small Irmona 125d
Champagne Bash

RKO (Runic Knights Orchestra)

RKO will be there with bells on!
Member avatar small Flamelin Firebeard 140d
Flamelin Firebeard1110Member avatar small Flamelin Firebeard 140d
Champagne Bash


GoblinFyre will attend
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Canadh185Member avatar small Canadh 140d
Champagne Bash

The Country Bluegrass Band

The Country Bluegrass Band Can Come
Small Kezilan Silverflame 141d
Kezilan Silverflame187Small Kezilan Silverflame 141d
Champagne Bash

Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band

Count us in !!!! Looking forward to the event.Agago & gang
Small Agago 143d
Agago169Small Agago 143d
Champagne Bash

Shire Tramps

#13552821 Miamo wrote:Hello all,We would like to play along your Champagne BashWe are 2 musicians and have an extraordinary sound.We come from Berlin (Germany), please arrange us before 10pmMiamo
Member avatar small Miamo 143d
Miamo182Member avatar small Miamo 143d
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