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Pumpkin Jamfest

[Pinned] Schedule for the Pumpkin Jamfest

Now that we have all the bands accounted for, this is what the schedule of events looks like (all times in server time - Eastern Standard Time):1:00 to 1:50pm - Shire Tramps-If no show-(MGB)1:50 to 2:40pm - Struck By Moonlight2:40 to 3:30pm - Arda...
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Pumpkin Jamfest

Shire Tramps

Hello,we like to play of this Festival.Please bevor Mitnight (European Time)Thanks
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Pumpkin Jamfest

Pumpkin Jamfest

We are interested in performing at the Pumpkin Jamfest. Can't wait to hear moreAgagoPurple Pipeweed Parlor Band
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Flamelin Firebeard2339Small Agago 1y
Pumpkin Jamfest


ARDA will gladly participate at your wonderful event!Suitable for us time is from 1pm to 4pm servertime.See you soon \m/
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Pumpkin Jamfest

a rock and hard place would like to attend

Hey,it would be a great pleasure to finally play a concert again on Brandywine (last one was years ago).Bruzo
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Pumpkin Jamfest

Struck by Moonlight

we'd love to attend if possible,originally from Laurelin but also play on other servers.We'd be honored to be considered for a slot.As we are from Europe an early slot would be preferable for usLooking forward to hear from you!Belaya
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Pumpkin Jamfest

GoblinFyre will attend

We would like a 7:00 Pm or later time slot
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Pumpkin Jamfest

The Country Blurgrass Band

The Country Bluegrass Band Will be Happy To do a little Pickin and Grinnin Fer Y'all!
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Pumpkin Jamfest

Rko Will Attend

Runic Knights Orchestra will be there with bells on!
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