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Band Bios

The Country Bluegrass Band

The Country Bluegrass Band is a Band that plays Country , Bluegrass and Southern rock Music , but there are times with the band playing a occasional classic music of rock disco or movie themed tunes , The Country Bluegrass Band is a band that j...
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Band Bios

Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band

We are the PURPLE PIPEWEED PARLOR BAND, a wandering group of minstrels with ancient beginnings. (Since the start of closed beta testing in Sept. 2006). Our first musical experience was on Landroval in late 2016. Shortly thereafter expanded into...
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Band Bios

The Arda

Officially the Arda band was established on 7 August 2016 on the server Brandywine. Founded by members of Mista Tirme, Mirkwood Leaf, Rohirrims kinship's. Soon the musicians had taken the brave decision to take their own musical instruments and go...
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Band Bios

Shire Tramps - 2.26
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Band Bios

RKO (Runic Knights Orchestra)

In October 2009 Meldor, the then leader of Runic Knights Kinship, put out a request for ideas on how to make the kinship more fun and engaging. Steeloak suggested we form a kinship band and Meldor liked the idea and so RKO began. Steeloak has bee...
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Band Bios


Welcome to GoblinFyreWe formed back in March of 2016 on the Brandywine Server. All members (and groupies) sport Fire Grims during our performances. We are very excited about a server wide music scene and will play events given enough notice. We ...
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Band Bios


Harlequins was conceived on Landroval on Jan 2, 2015. We are a trio of minstrels that's been around 4 years+. Each of us has been solo minstrels strumming along in Bree or in the Pony. Two of us are songweaver/transcribers. and we've been touring...
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