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Events will be listed below as they come up. Please post your application in the thread for the event you are signing up for. [b]Attention: Bands are now required to supply a bio or answer their choice of a selection of simple questions about their band to sign up for events. Alternatively a direct link to a biographical post or website (in English) may be accepted with confirmation by any MGoB officer.[/b] If you are new here, you will have to apply for membership and be accepted before you can post anything - including sign-ups. Simply click the apply button at the top right of your screen to get started. Being a member is just for access to this website, it does not mean you have joined the Minstrel Guild of Bree.
This is the place to tell everyone about your band. Let everyone know something about you! We'll use information from your bio to aid in presenting your band with complementary introductions at events.
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The Minstrel Guild of Bree was formed in November 2016 to promote the music scene on Brandywine server. We were initially formed by members of Harlequins, GoblinFyre, Runic Knights Orchestra and the Country Bluegrass Band. We are open to anyone who wants to help us reach our goal. We especially want bands and musicians from Brandywine server to join us, as a way for us all to coordinate and get to know each other - we have all been on our own for too long. All bands that play on Brandywine are welcome to use our event calendar to list their scheduled show times & dates. We meet on the first Tuesday evening of every month, at 9pm server time, on Brandywine server, in Bree Park across from the jail. All are welcome to come by! We also have a house band - MGB that plays at the events we host - any MGB kinship member is eligible to join, from any band or server, as long as we have room for ya. So thanks for visiting with us - we'll see you at one of our events! Thanks! Flamelin Firebeard/Steeloak
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Discussion about crafting and professions
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