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#13500094 Oct 26, 2017 at 11:52 PM
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We are definitely interested in the Minstrels Guild of Bree. We keep having problems attending the meetings 😕, but we do have your November meeting on our calendar and plan on making that meeting.

We love the idea behind the Guild, in the fact that it helps coordinate the bands in working toward the musical goals in Brandywine, and it will help us get to know each other. Since we are relatively new to Brandywine, that is what we need the most at this time. We don't have a large kinship - just large enough to be a kinship actually, so we don't have lots of members to draw on. We do adventuring and mostly music with our 4 primary band members. But, we have greatly enjoyed Brandywine so far, and felt that everyone at the Pumpkin Jam was very nice and helpful with the band and it was our first major performance on the server.

We've found it a bit more difficult to 'break into' some of the other servers, sometimes getting scheduled can be near to impossible - and you often end up only participating in other bands scheduled events; which we have adapted to since our main focus in to play music, socialize and have FUN!!! Brandywine seems wide open, and any and all possibilities are endless!! We would like to help make it happen on Brandwine!!

Peace, Love & Pipeweed
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