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Brandywine Summer Music Fest

[Pinned] Final Schedule for Brandywine Summer Music Fest

All times in Brandywine Server time (GMT -5, Eastern Standard Time)2pm - Harlequins3pm - Shire Tramps4pm - Arda & Eluilind5pm - GoblinFyre6pm - The Country Bluegrass Band7pm - MGB8pm - RKO (Runic Knights Orchestra)
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Brandywine Summer Music Fest

Country Bluegrass Band

The Country Music Bluegrass Band can attend any time slot needed Band Leader Dawlen
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Brandywine Summer Music Fest


Hello!Arda would be happy to be part of this festival!We fit this time slot - 4pm servertime.Contacts: ingame - Strovar or by mail saimon26708@gmail.comP.S. Welcome to the Forest of OAKS, it starts today and lasts from 12am(Noon) servertime to 4...
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Brandywine Summer Music Fest

We're interested

We may be too late, we are in the process of moving band onto Brandywine.We are the Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band We would like to play if you could fit us in- it would have to be after 7 PM Server time.
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Brandywine Summer Music Fest

Shire Tramps

#13245077 Miamo wrote:Hello allWe would like to play along your Festival.We are 2 musicians and have an extraordinary sound.We come from Berlin (Germany), please arrange us before 10pmThe day would not matter to usgreetingsMiamo
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Brandywine Summer Music Fest

RKO will be there!

Runic Knights Orchestra will definitely be there.
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