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[Pinned] Forum now up for Pumpkin Jamfest

The signup forum is now up for the Pumpkin Jamfest on Saturday, October 7th. The event is also posted on the calander. All related posts have been moved into the Pumpkin Jamfest forum.
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Minstrels Guild of Bree

We are definitely interested in the Minstrels Guild of Bree. We keep having problems attending the meetings 😕, but we do have your November meeting on our calendar and plan on making that meeting.We love the idea behind the Guild, in the fact tha...
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The Pumpkin Jamfest Music Festival 2017 - "A Smallpiece of LOTRO" Screenshot Blog Post

I have posted some more screenshots of the Pumpkin Jamfest on my blog here.
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We are the Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band of Crickhollow (our home server) & Landroval and now Brandywine. We just finished moving the band onto Brandywine this weekend. My name is Agago the Hobbit and I am leader of the band. We are excited a...
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question about drum track adaptation

Greetings MGBDoes anyone have a source for additional/better drum maps for use in Maestro? I'm finding that some fairly common percussive sounds are not in the options I have currently available. Specifically, a current project in the original for...
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Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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